Sunday, April 19, 2009

See and Gee Whiz (CNG)

I am among the first private owners of a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) car in Singapore. There a just a few hundred around (not inc taxis). 
After considering and rejecting an electrical Hybrid, I bought my Toyota Axio in December 2008 and got it converted to a bi-fuel vehicle.

Why bother you ask?

Well let's "weigh" the situation. The heavy cylinder seems like I am always carrying a corpse in my trunk which takes up
half of my trunk space. Performance is slightly affected but then again I never floor the accelerator when the lights turn green. I outgrew that phase pretty quickly when I had to pay for my own gasoline. Another pain --- just 3 CNG stations in Singapore and none on the East where I live. The Oil companies  said they would but then again they ARE oil companies and I should have known better.

Now for the good part, CNG burns cleaner, is much cheaper and the government subsidised my installation. Ok, there is another reason -- I enjoy being different and people approach me when they see my CNG sticker to ask me about it.

If I was a full fledge greenie, I would travel by public transport. But I value the quality of life too much to give up my car addiction. I am very happy with the compromise. I played my part for the environment and it was the right thing to do.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Predictions for 2017

My top Predictions for 2017

1. Singapore Taxi Fares: Decimal point no longer needed on Taxi Meters

2. Bukit Timah Hill becomes seafront property as rising sea levels bursts dam.

3. Republican Candidate Palin vows to reverse the damage done by 8 years of Obama policies. Claims that Obama made USA look weak by not starting any wars.

4. Malaysia's redraws boundary that includes Singapore as it's territory. Claims that Johore Sultan signed away Singapore to Raffles "under duress". Willing to settle for half Singapore's reserves.

5. Escaped Singapore Prisoner Mas Selamat arrested trying to climb out of Singapore Flyer window during another breakdown.

6. Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's 9th driver resigns due to back problems.

7. Singapore ministerial annual salary budget moves to Number 2 behind Defense.

8. Singapore's Marina Bay Sands is #1 spot for suicides. Government and Casino Officials baffled.

9. After 8 years of recession, all remaining reserves are brought back to Singapore and distributed to the people as stimulus package -- $10 per person.

10. Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong's hands job to son. Grandfather says this will be his last term as "Very Senior Minister Mentor.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Oldie Man

Some anagrams on my surname -- MOLEDINA

oil de man ... massage me 
alien mod ... scanning the sky for ufos
I an model ... looking good
I le nomad ... traveling free
dim alone ... meditating at night
I lod name... taken in vain, no doubt
no le maid ... I hate house work
mail done ... finally!
I la demon ... my nasty mood
am de lion ... I wish
'n I do meal... yup. I cook too
a lo denim .. my cheapest jeans